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Cultivate your clever idea with the MYOB Starting a Business Guide

Discover essential tools for planning, building and running your dream business.

Ensure your business idea is a promising one

Put your idea to the test so you can develop a compelling business strategy.

Approach planning and gather resources

Attain essential support, whether it's expertise or funding, and build your strategy.

Successfully launch and build customer demand

Put your internal processes to work effectively and focus on your potential customers.

Stay in operation and scale your business

Stay afloat and make it last, make it better and if you want, make it bigger.

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Stay professional and compliant with our free invoice template

Download the template, customise it with your logo, and create professional invoices in seconds.

Tax invoice and invoice templates

Pre-formatted for goods or services – follows New Zealand invoicing requirements for GST and non-GST registered businesses.

Create professional branded invoices

Create quick, customisable invoices with your own logo with ease.

Create invoices in seconds

Auto-calculate quantities and GST so you can create invoices in seconds.

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Download your free template to easily generate payslips

We've designed this payslip template to help speed up your payroll process.

Create payslips in seconds

Quickly and easily create payslips for your employees with their payroll information to speed up your payroll process.

Professional, branded and compliant

Designed specifically for New Zealand businesses and aligned to industry standards.

Easy to use when you need

Created in an easy-to-use online PDF format, so you can save to your computer and use again and again.

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Get serious with our free business plan template

Turn your business vision into a reality with our free, customisable business plan template. Available in single and multi-page format.

Map your goals

Start moving in the right direction with a plan that covers all of the essential business basics. Outline your executive summary, vision statement and future goals.

Define products and services

Highlight your unique offerings and market strategy, including what you'll sell (and how you'll sell it). It’s time to show the world how you’re better than anyone else at what you do.

Attract investors

Show potential partners why they should invest in your business. A comprehensive financial forecast is key when looking to secure funding.

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Keep employees on track with our free timesheet template


Look professional with timesheets tailored to your business.

Easy to use

Filled in by employees in minutes.

Completely free

Download your risk-free timesheet template today.

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Keep your business running smoothly with our free quotes template


Look professional with a quote that’s tailored to your business.

Easy to use

Create job quotes in seconds with just a few clicks.

Completely free

Download your risk-free quoting template today.

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Keep track of business with your free purchase order template

Keep financial control

Get an accurate view of purchases to track stock

Know your cashflow

Understand exactly what's going on with your expenses

Create a record

Maintain clear communication trails between you and your suppliers

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