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Feature | Reporting | Customise reports to suit your business's needs

Customise reports to suit your business needs

Add, reorganise or remove columns. Create reports that span years, quarters or weeks. Or hone in on data from a specific period by setting a date range.

Feature | Reporting | Eliminate human error with pre-filled data

Eliminate human error with pre-filled data

With pre-filled data from bank transactions, receipts, past reports and employee timesheets, you can be sure of your numbers.

Feature | Job | Drill down into the detail to make informed decisions

Set, manage and edit budgets any time

Balance your sales against your expenses, set spending limits at any time and easily update your budgets as your business grows.

Get more for less with MYOB Business Pro

MYOB Business


For growing businesses with multiple employees wanting more advanced reporting.

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    Advanced reporting and analytics
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    Connect unlimited bank accounts
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    Add payroll for unlimited employees (extra $1.50/month per employee)
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    Track income and expenses
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    Scan and store receipts
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    Track budgets and jobs
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    Optional payroll and inventory
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    Track and report GST
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    Create and send unlimited professional invoices and quotes
Save $400 over first 8 months
$58/month after offer period

All your questions answered about MYOB financial reporting software:

What is financial reporting software?


Financial reporting software is a tool that allows you to generate instant reports for any area of your business. These include tax reports and cashflow reports, as well as reports on income and expenses, sales, purchases, banking and more.

With financial reporting software, you can customise reports with the most relevant and useful information, and save your customisation to download anytime you need an update.

Watch a demo of financial reporting software in action.

What are the benefits of financial reporting?


Financial reporting can help you stay profitable, make better decisions and communicate more effectively. You can generate sales reports to prepare for seasonal trends, download stock reports to make your next order sell out fast, or prioritise your best clients with reports on which customers pay fastest.  

The ways reporting helps businesses are endless. Best of all, reports are customisable, so you can tailor them to unleash infinite business potential.   

How do I use financial reporting?


Under the “Reporting” tab in MYOB software, you can view saved reports or create instant customisable reports. Just choose the report type based on your needs. Financial reporting options include sales or purchases reports, as well as reports on income and expenses, stock, banking, taxes and more. Once you choose the report you need, you can download it as a PDF file or spreadsheet.

Watch a demo of financial reporting to see how this works in your MYOB software.

Is there a minimum subscription period?


Nope. And there are no locked-in contracts either. Simply pay for your MYOB Business accounting software plan on a monthly basis with peace of mind that you can cancel at any time.

Plus, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if you decide your plan is not right for you.

How long does it take to set up?


Just a few minutes - honestly.

  1. Simply choose the subscription plan that’s right for your business

  2. Sign up

  3. Log in (you’ll have access immediately). Once you’re logged in, we'll give you step-by-step guidance to help you set up and use the features your business needs.

Can I change my software plan later?


You sure can. If your business grows (congrats!) and you need software with a few more features like inventory or payroll, you can upgrade your account in just a few clicks.

Can I give access to other people?


Absolutely. You can share your account with your accountant, bookkeeper or business partner at any time at no extra cost.

You can also adjust their access level so you can control what they can see or do.

Can I migrate my data into MYOB Business software?


Moving from other accounting software to MYOB

You can import your data from Xero, Quickbooks Desktop or Reckon to MYOB with a quick and easy free migration service. We work with a third party to make sure your data is securely moved to your MYOB account.

Moving from an Excel spreadsheet to MYOB

You can follow these easy step-by-step instructions with sample files and templates.