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Access real-time insights and manage project accounting on the go with ERP software

Increase visibility across projects, financials and customers with a single source of truth.

Flexible billing functions let you bill materials and labour based on the type of work performed, project or customer. 

Contain project costs from wages to equipment with real-time reports, dashboards and work-in-progress functions.   

A screenshot of the MYOB Advanced Business dashboard, focusing on inventory management information.

“They’re difficult things to quantify but in my thirty years in business, I absolutely know those efficiency gains may be subtle, but they’re so real”   

- Geoff Watson, Co-Managing Director, Razor International  

Streamline your project accounting with MYOB Advanced Business

Flexible invoicing


Set up invoices based on the project and contract terms, with fixed price or cost-plus options. Get extra control by capping your billing on cost-based projects. 

Simplify task management


Streamline workflows and make prioritisation easy with customised dashboards and task management tools.   

Predict project profitability


As projects progress, manage your profit margins and revenue by easily comparing forecasted and actual costs. Track revenue by adjusting figures by project or task completion percent. 

Effective resource management


Attach project managers, employees, equipment, and resources to projects. To easily track the flow-on effects, such as staff availability, warranties, and costs. 

Remote access


Reduce double-handling of admin tasks. Enable your employees, partners and contractors to log timesheets from any site at any time. 

Control change orders


Create and track project scope changes, including customer and internal requests. Easily attach documentation to your change orders, like contracts, revenue and cost budgets. 

Manage your entire business on a single ERP platform

Businesses are wasting one day a week on disconnected systems — manage your entire business with a synchronised ERP platform.

MYOB Advanced Business brings your financials, projects and reporting together in the cloud.

Customisable solutions

Tailor to your needs and add apps and tools to MYOB Advanced Business’ core distribution, financial and reporting functions.

Exceptional usability

Built for growing Aussie businesses, our ERP platform promotes productivity, streamlines workflows and encourages collaboration. 

Simple first step

Switching from spreadsheets or another software? Our solution experts are here to help you from investigating best solutions to implementation and beyond. 

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