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More time with clients. Less on document alignment

Nimbus integrates easily with MYOB practice solutions to better connect your practice.

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Your practice’s time saving document management solution

See how Nimbus Document Manager helps Australian and New Zealand practices manage,
store and securely send unlimited documents and digital signatures, all from the one place.

Connect documents in real-time

A single source of truth that syncs documents instantly online with your other software, giving you up-to-date version control you can trust.

Connect multiple solutions into one

Forget the constant learning and switching between multiple disconnected software. Nimbus rolls e-signatures, client portals and a document manager into one.

Connect operations with automation

Complete low value compliance tasks quickly and collaboratively using automated reminders, approvals, signatures and edits.

Connect storage to the cloud

Cloud-based document storage provides the peace of mind that your documents won't get lost or damaged as a result of relying on physical servers and hard drives.

An illustration of all the different systems and apps that Nimbus integrates with, including MYOB, Greatsoft and others.

Nimbus also works seamlessly with other practice management and compliance software

Nimbus doesn’t just integrate with MYOB practice solutions, but it connects with your existing practice management or CRM systems to help you create and store documents, access your archive, and deliver these documents to clients securely.

Additional ways Nimbus helps practices free up time

Securely share documents with staff and clients

Digitally sign documents and track signatures with ease

Create custom workflows and track client activity

Collaborate on documents with your team and clients

Easily track and follow up on documents and online checklists

Manage emails and eliminate the need for email attachments

Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say

Increased efficiency

"Checklists at the beginning of each financial year was a huge expense with administration time, paper costs, editing of word documents and also having paper information to collate, file and/or scan into our system. Nimbus Webform Checklists have made this more efficient and cost-effective."

- Gilligan Sheppard

"The fact that Nimus integrates with Xero and automatically updates email addresses and client details has been a life-saver for us. From an administrative point of view, Nimbus saves us 70% of time. It is a huge cost saving!"

- Monteck Carter

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Time saved

"Nimbus is not only time saving for us, our clients love it. We moved from another electronic document system due to Nimbus’s easy to use client portal and it has exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended as an overall solution for all document and portal needs."

- AstroTax & Accounting

"Nimbus has saved us time in printing and scanning, paper and postage. In has also increased the productivity of our team."

- Bongiorno Group

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Enhanced functionality

"We initially bought Nimbus to solve our GDPR problem, but now that we know what it really can do, we love it!"

- Number Crunchers (Sheffield)

"I just used your email job function for the second time ever, it’s just awesome. Simple and quick, banged out an urgent email to all clients in one hit, and it looks professional."

- TABS Super Fund Auditors

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Document mastery

"What we love about Nimbus is the visibility it gives us over our documents."


"I had been looking for a filing system for some years and I saw Nimbus CDM (cloud document management). The more I looked at Nimbus the more I thought it was the right answer – the directory based system sitting in the cloud."

-CatsTax – Sydney

"Oculus Group chose Nimbus because it has features which allow us to collaborate more effectively with our clients."

-Oculus Group

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