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Cloud workforce management software for growing teams

MYOB Advanced Workforce Management is the ultimate, integrated solution for bigger businesses. Bring onboarding, rostering, timesheets and payroll together at last.

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Connect onboarding, rostering and payroll with workforce management software

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Simplify onboarding and rostering processes

Help your new employees get up and running in record time. Then manage compliance and ensure the right mix of qualifications and labour costs for each shift with Smart Roster automation.

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Automate timesheets and improve payroll efficiency

Easily manage time and attendance tracking, timesheets and approvals. Our software syncs with payroll for accurate data and correct pay runs every time. ​

Powerful workforce management features to support your business

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  • Tailor your onboarding experience to your employees' needs with configurable workflows for different organisation's.

  • Help reduce data errors and lost paperwork with digitally collected employee information.

  • A notification is sent to managers when employee hiring and onboarding is complete, so you can create rosters and process their first pay on time.

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Frequently asked questions about workforce management software

What is workforce management software?


Workforce management (WFM) software is a desktop and mobile platform that help a business run an efficient team of engaged employees while staying on the right side of employment laws. With a workforce management system, your business can create rosters in minutes, record exact staff work hours, and give employees tools to manage leave, timesheets and more.

Why use workforce management software?


Workforce management software enables organizations that hire a significant number of hourly workers to manage their employees and rosters successfully.

With workforce management software, you can automate the functions required to manage your workforces, such as pay rules, leave management, scheduling and attendance, union contracts, overtime reporting, and more.

What are the key features of workforce management software?

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Staff scheduling 

  • Time keeping and attendance

  • Employee onboarding, performance management & satisfaction 

  • Compliance

  • Payroll and benefits administration 

  • Vacation and leave planning

How much does workforce management software cost?


The cost of workforce management software varies depending on your business and needs. MYOB software is billed as a straightforward and convenient monthly subscription with no hidden fees. Contact us today to find out more.

How can I find more information on workforce management software?


To find out more information about workforce management software, contact us. We'll speak with you to answer your questions and help you understand which MYOB workforce management software best suits your organisation and how it can support you.